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Mortgage Payoff

Call your lender and get a payoff amount for your home, sometimes clients are unsettled when they see the numbers on paper and aren’t going to get as much money as they feel they should.

Mortgage Payoff

Get Pre-Approved for a home mortgage and decide if you will be upsizing, downsizing, making a lateral move, etc. This is important to know to decided what to list for, what to take and figure out your bottom line net.

Calculate Payoff

Calculate your costs to sell, figuring out the price your home is worth, what we are going to list it for, how much realtor fees are and then your net. This will be used to know what you will have to put down on your new house, or put in your pocket!

Proceeds Calculator

Calculate your estimated proceeds, take your payoff, deduct from the listing price, then deduct any expenses like realtors and taxes. Does this number leave you enough to cover the down payment on your new home?

House worth?

How much is your house worth? Hiring a licensed Realtor like Jessica Casalenda, I can do a fair market analysis for you and we can sit down and figure out how much we can list your house for.

Staging Works

Get your house ready for showing, clean, repair, pull weeds, paint if needed, these are all little things that can be done to squeeze every penny out of your house and your bottom line net.