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When buying a home there are a few things you should get lined up prior to doing a serious search of homes. Getting these inline prior to contacting a realtor will simplify the process immensely.

  1. Contact your bank about pre-approval.

Finding out exactly what you qualify for is actually the second step to starting the process, getting your credit checked is the first. By getting your credit checked before the financial institution does, you can take care of any hidden problems that were a surprise to you. After this is taken care of you can contact your bank about what you qualify for and get an idea of the price range you can look for as well as what you are comfortable with paying for.

2. Contacting your realtor

A lot of times people contact a realtor they have used in the past because it is easiest for them. That is fine as long as you were happy with the experience, if you had to wait for paperwork, lost a transaction because of timeliness or disorganization then maybe Keystone realty is for you. We pride ourselves on being on top of our clients needs. Once you find the right realtor then you can discuss the price range, area, and type of house or property you are looking for. Most realtors will take over from there and compile a list of properties available, but you can always do a search for yourself and find properties you want to look at.